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The Clandestine Providence:About

All writers have story bibles. Some store them in their heads, others keep elaborate hand written notebooks that look fabulous. I'm a digital person, in a digital world and I think best from brain to fingers on the keyboard. The sound of the clickity-clack is inspiration enough - how fast can I make it go before all thought is lost or I'm interrupted.

Most writers keep their story bibles private. I'm not going to be one of them. I spend just as much time writing them as I do with the stories inside the world. There will be spoilers. Information will be parsed out of order if you don't read the stories.

I'm providing this information so you can explore the world. One day maybe it'll inspire you to expand upon it or to create your own. One day I might open up the world for play by post role playing game, or an interactive story. For now, I'll share with you my knowledge of my worlds. There were two, but I've ditched one story in lieu of combining it into the ever growing world of my current favorite character.

So come on in, take out your walking stick and let's adventure together through The Clandestine Providence.