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The Aeternus once upon a time were only a shape-shifting supernatural race - bending form when they reached a certain age. The venatori integrated with various other races. Dragon refused to interbreed with the venatori. However the dragon's were breeding with humans and they produced the first true Magnus - compared to today's Magnus they would be more like Cesari only more powerful. The venatori breed with these Magnus half human half dragons and their own magical abilities started to manifest.

Because of the arrogance of the venatori the dragons stopped breeding with humans, killed any remaining human/dragon offspring and they could find and any that were born. It became rare in today's age for a human dragon hybrid to be born. It happens and the offspring are usually very well hidden or killed.


A Magnus can be a natural or can be taught when they come of age, this is important in the hierarchy of the Magnus culture. Nativus (natural) are higher ranked than Eruditus (learned) in most cases. There is a rare occurrence of Eruditus outranking a Nativus Magnus because of sheer power and skill, but that is atypical.

There are four elements - Ignis (fire), Aqua (water), Terra (earth), Aeris (air). A Magnus is clearly defined by his or her element and ability. A fire Magnus who was born with the ability to bend the element is called an Nativus Ignis Magnus or NI.

If a Magnus can bend more than one element their primary is listed first (ie: NIT - fire and earth), and all others follow except for a Cesari, which is just an NC. There have been no cases of a Cesari who was taught to bend all four elements in recorded history.

There are 5 levels of power. Typically a magus is at one power level throughout the entire course of their lives, however on a rare occasion with enough training a magus may attain a new level.

Power, Skill (Novice, Adept, Expert, Master), Elements and Innate ability to bend the elements determining a Magnus rank and designation with in the hierarchy of the Imperordo (from Latin order and command: ordo, impero).

A natural born Master of the highest power of any one element outranks all others except a Master Cesari.

Each Magnus tends to add the designation to their names when conferring within the Imperordo.

For Example a master of the highest power in fire who was natural born who's name is John Doe would indicate his name as such: John Doe, MNI5

A novice third level Cesari: NNC3

An expert second level taught Magnus in earth and water: EETA2

The hierarchy is determined in the following order: Skill level, Innate ability, Power level and then age.


A Nativus Magnus typically emerges at a young age - typically around the age of 6 or 7, the earliest recorded was age 3. The child didn't survive much longer than that as he was unable to understand his ability at that early an age.

Without training a Nativus can destroy ones self with ease, as the powers can tear one's body apart if the control is not found/taught.

At the age of 10 every Venatori and Minorem is tested to see if the can be taught to control the elements. If they can be taught the choice is given, if a child chooses not to become Magnus, their abilities are pulled from them, leaving them near shells of what they once were, becoming Tacet (Latin for silent), most parents encourage their children to learn, being Magnus is a responsibility but it is also a gift bestowed upon the family.

Every Magnus is designated upon entry to the Imperordo with an ability status of Novice and a power level that is determined in their testing. For each rank of skill level a new test is preformed, it determines their skill level and their power. It is rare that power levels increase. Each skill/level test is preformed at the students instructors request, and not before.

All students must become Adept before they are allowed to take their Ad Aetatem. If they have come of age but not reached Adept they remain students until Adept skill level is reached. There are rare occasions upon which a student never reaches Adept and choose to become Tacet.

While it is rare, some Magnus develop outside of the Imperordo, once these souls are found they are given the same two options as Eruditus - join or become Tacet.

Elemental Testing

Fire - light a candle Earth - manipulate sand Water - fill a glass Air - blow a bubble

Novice to Adept

Fire - Earth - Water - Air -

Adept to Expert

Fire - Earth - Water - Air -

Expert to Master

Fire - Earth - Water - Air -

Current Rankings

  1. Mark Green, MNC5 - Leader of the Imperordo [1]
  2. Nox Sétanta, MNC5[1]
  3. Matias Rivera, MNTAIAe5 - Leader of the Venatori Magnus
  4. Charolette Osbourn, MNITAAe5
  5. Dae'lin Rivera, MNAeATI5 - 2iC of the Venatori


  1. 1.0 1.1 Age determines the difference between Mark and Nox. However Nox is far stronger in all elements than Mark, but since there is nothing higher than a 5, Mark is defacto leader. (not that Nox wants it to begin with)