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Cari Giovanni

aka Carissa Giovanni (Given Name), Il Cane (The Hound – Italian) 獵犬(The Hound – Chinese), Il Cane della Morte, The Hound of Death

Born: November 15, 1098 in Rome, Italy Embraced: October 12, 1127 (age: 29) Bloodline: Puer Decem







Lesser Chevalier


Shoulder length straight black hair that is typically worn cut short. She is 5’2” and weighs about 120 pounds with an athletic build. She has the typical pale skin of any old vampire.

Cari has a scar running down her back from the left shoulder blade almost to the lower right side of her waist, that was caused by a silver blade after she was embraced. Cari has one tattoo on her right shoulder – a grim reaper. Cari has several scars from jobs she’s done in the past.

Cari typically wears all black or very dark blues, greens and reds, but she has been known to wear other items depending on the situation and/or the job at hand. Her blouses are typically off the shoulder or backless to emphasis her tattoo.


  • Enjoys killing, torture and pain (others or hers)
  • As a human refused to eat cooked meat
  • Only likes to hunt her marks, not her food
  • Direct and to the point
  • typically cold and distant


  • Speak: Italian, Spanish, French and English
  • Read & Write: English, Italian
  • Weaponry – Short swords, daggers & knives
  • Stealth & Larceny


Life as a Human

Born November 15, 1098 to a blacksmith and seamstress

At age 5 a fire started from the forge. Her father rushed her outside and ran back in for his wife, however the house fell and they burnt alive. (Note: The smell of burning flesh makes Cari nauseous and sometimes vomit. She refuses to eat any cooked meat.) _August 16, 1104_

Her aunt was newly married but took her in anyway. Her uncle was a not so nice man who loved his wife and the child he’d thusly adopted. He taught her everything he knew. He taught her how to pick pockets, steal and be stealthy.

Cari was raped around the age of 12 by a man that her uncle knew. _November 10, 1110_

Her uncle also started teaching her how to use weapons - specifically the dagger and a sword.

At the age of 13 another man tried to rape her. Cari killed him. _August 27, 1112_

After this killing her uncle started using her to take care of his minor disturbances. By 16 she was taking on appointments as an assassin for hire and her uncle got a cut of the action. _1114_

The Embrace

Around her 29th birthday Salvador Einor hired her to kill two men - one her father's former apprentice who started the fire and the other was the man who had raped her. Upon completion of the last kill Sal overtook Cari and drained her of her life force. _October 12, 1127_

The 10 council members provided a sample of their own blood and the combination was given to Cari in the ceremony for the Embracing. Cari was of all of them but none of them. She would become Il Cane, The Hound. The thing that they would send after those who needed to be taken care of.

Each of the 10 council members trained Cari in their ways for 5 years while keeping her under lock and key with a supply of food. She wasn’t allowed to hunt for food alone.

The First 10 Years

Her first training was with Sal in Roma. He taught Cari how to control her hunger pains and her fears. He tortured her in a coffin on fire to make her unafraid of fire. Sal also taught Cari how to feed off of fear, which in turn showed her how to control her empathic side to some degree. By the time Cari left Sal she could feed on fear and induce it upon others in another room to feed upon their fear. Sal disapproved of her continuing her training with swords and daggers.

While with Sal, Christopher grew a fond hatred of her and left Sal's company only a few weeks into Cari's training. _October 22, 1127_

After training with Sal, Cari went to Aurora De Jesus in Barcelona. Aurora was a master of the Shadow. She was a mother figure to Cari where Sal had been a mentor and teacher. Aurora and Cari fought about many things most specifically Cari's outward appearances. Unlike Sal, her husband, she did approve of her weapons and encouraged them. Aurora insisted that Cari was the strongest one including herself in the Shadow bloodline. _January 2, 1133_

Aurora gave Cari a new task, one that she'd held for centuries. Cari became the Council's Keeper of Secrets. Cari had control of the sacred and dangerous items the council had hidden away. _November 12, 1137_

Before Cari moved on to her next council member, Aurora had Cari meet Francesco Giovanni and his son 10 year old son, Antonio. Or as his son preferred Tony. He spelled it out to his father T O N Y to make that point, Cari would remember this for centuries. _November 15, 1137_

Tony watched Cari practice her forms on the edge of a wide fountain and he asked many questions of her before it was time for him to leave. Cari bestowed upon the little boy a dagger in which he was to care for before she would teach him anything.

Creatures of Emotion

Cari left Aurora to go to Damian in what is now Greece. Damian is an Incubus he can feed on love, lust and passions. He lives in a well established brothel. _January 2, 1138_

Damian had little to teach me, Sal's training had taught Car more than enough to use passion the same as she did fear. Instead they focused on learning other things, most importantly speaking in various languages. Damian taught Cari how to speak in French and Spanish with a little bit of English thrown in.

Living in Damian's brothel also gave Cari ample time to practice her other talents from her brothel days, even though it was never asked of her by Damian.

Damian's essential decor and aromas were something that Cari picked up and uses still today. Dark woods and reds, a special blend of spices/herbs/etc. > "It contained various amounts of chamomile, benzoin, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium,jasmine, lavender, neroli, patchouli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang, basil, black pepper, ginger, rose, cardamom, cinnamon, geranium, jasmine, juniper, lime and orange to arouse and relax your body."

From Damian Cari went to Dimitri in Ireland. _January 2, 1143_

Dimitri lived like a hermet in the middle of no where. He was surrounded by animals and prefered to feed off of them rather than humans. He taught Cari how to control animals, how to feed off of them and he tried to teach her to use them as her own eyes, but she failed to be able to do so.

Dimitri spoke no Italian, but he did know English he helped Cari learn more and that was their primary way of conversation.

Halfway through her training a strange man came to Dimitri's land seeking sanctuary. Edmund was a Therian of the wolf variety. He was the first Cari had ever seen.

Edmund and Cari had a short lived love affair that ended with Dimitri taking Edmund as he Lesser Chevalier to stave off Edmund's desire to kill himself because Cari was leaving to go on with her training.

Cari went off to Desmond in England. _January 2, 1148_

Desmond is an Empath. He tried to teach Cari more emotions other than fear and passion, but he was only able to teach her how to control anger. She could feel other feelings but was incapable of manipulating them.

Desmond spent most of their time teaching Cari how to read and write English since Cari had learned most of the techniques he had at his disposal. But they also spent a good share of their time together teaching Desmond the quaterstaff.

Tony Giovanni

Cari headed back to Italy where she was going to meet up with Evangeline to learn about Necromancy. _January 2, 1153_

When she arrived at the hostel Evangeline was to met her, she waited and found herself face to face with a familiar yet aged face. Tony had appeared out of the shadows.

Cari was starving from the trip she had made from England to Italy and no food in between. Unable to feed on humans, Tony offered himself up as sustenance. They wound up in bed for the first time.

Tony showed Cari how to Shadow Walk. Her first attempt landed her in the shadow of her old home where she had lived until she was five.

They returned home and Tony watched Cari sleep the day away. When she awoke, they took some time to test one another's mettle with the sword. Tony surprised her by moving at vampire speed potentially given them away as something other than human.

Before Tony left, he took Cari to his home where his clan of primeval vampires lived - Sanctuary. He showed her his boyhood room, and the scribblings on the wall of his dreams to become a swordsman.

Tony left and Cari felt drab when Evangeline made her appearance.

Evangeline didn't teach Cari much. Once she realized Cari had little ability with necromancy she only taught her the basics and the most important thing how to shield her self from the dark art. Evangeline took pride in torturing Cari until she could no longer affect her.

While Cari was in training with Evangeline, she and Tony saw each other regularly.

She was not allowed humans to feed upon. Evangeline felt that her other powers could sustain her. Cari's hunger grew.

With so little training Cari too the time to study some of the items in the caches Aurora and her watching over. She also studied other forms of magic and tried to master what she could.

The Remaining Years

When it was time Cari would move on to Nathaniel and learn the art of Elemental magic. _January 2, 1158_

Nate started with earth, but Cari had little talent for it. He didn't feel he should move on until one day when they were practicing moving earth Cari grew angry at his insults and every candle in the room lit themselves.

Nate taught Cari how to control the fire, how to not let it burn anything other than what she intended.

Like Evangeline, he didn't feel it was his job to feed Cari who was no longer a fledgling vampire by any state of their community. But her orders still stood to not feed unless accompanied by a member of the council. Cari's hunger started to grow insatiable.

The only help was that she could feed on emotions and saw Tony periodically throughout her time with Nate.

Cari moved on to Valentine to learn Auspex. _January 2, 1163_

Cari had no talent for Auspex whatsoever but Valentine taught her how to shield herself. Valentine took no pleasure in her company nor any in helping Cari. They spent as little time as possible with each other.

Cari was left to fend for herself. But it allowed her to study more magic and meet with Tony more often.

Alec was far more interesting for Cari when she moved on to train in Domination _January 2, 1168_

Alec and Cari shared a bed from time to time. It was no means love, but it was sex and they both had a good time.

Cari met with Tony less frequently and her hunger continued to grew and her control of it started to thin.

Cari was never sure if Alec coerced her into his bed or if it was willing. It didn't matter, but eventually even Alec tired of that and left her to herself.

Her last and final training was with Virgil - The Dream Walker. _January 2, 1173_

Virgil enjoyed invading her dreams while she was learning to shield herself from him. He played with her fears, her loves and every nightmare came to life all at once before she learned to keep him out of her mind. It was a continual struggle for Cari but she did manage to keep him out eventually.

Food was scarce where they were and Cari was left to feed on her own pain and hunger. The hunger inside her grew even stronger, she could feel her control slipping.

The First Hunt

The Massacre



Child of the Night

  • birth of Ant*

The New World

With the New World becoming popular, 3 of the council members were to travel there, Cari would go with them, but first another was needed for Europe, they searched for 10 years to find a replacement, and they trained him for the next 50 years before allowing the 3 and Cari to leave for the new world in 1752.

The boat trip was hard on both Cari and Raeyn. In order to save the life of her servant Cari did something unprecedented, she broke the bond between human and vampire. Raeyn was weak when she reached the New World, but she went on to live a long and happy mortal life. (1752)

The New World was ripe with activity and Cari took jobs and helped the Council establish their rule.

Siring a Child

When the surge of Mafia and other organized crime in the late 1800′s Cari was hired by many humans to do their dirty work. She moved from New York to Chicago and other places where organized crime was high.

(1825) One of Cari’s vampire marks was ravaging a town and Cari found him just as he killed a family. Before he reached the young boy, Cari killed him. Taking pity on the boy she took him in and raised him. Alistair Johnathan Rosedale eventually fell in love with Cari and she embraced him against the wish of the council to save his life. (1846) But they did not kill him, finding that he might be useful, though he never really proved to be in the time he was with Cari. Alistair left Cari after 41 years to find his own way.

In 1846 Cari took a human servant in Breanna, but when Alistar left Cari broke the bond and Breanna went with Alistar.